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The BioMether project, funded by the LIFE + program of the European Commission and co-funded by the Emilia Romagna Region, aims to produce two experimental biomethane production plants for direct network injection and road transportation in Emilia Romagna, demonstrating technical and economical feasibility and stimulating biogas-biomethane chain.

Meeting held on March 28, 2017 in Bologna c / o ASTER; Participants: Stefano Valentini, Alberto Caprioli, Pietro Cerami and Daniele Rossi.

Project OPERA goal was to develop a method and its implementation in a software (RIAT+) to help regional and local authorities in defining, applying  and evaluating policies for air quality, aimed to reduce people exposure to PM10, PM2.5, NOX and O3.
Each action of the air quality plan has been evaluated in both terms of particles concentration in the air (state) and cost (impact).
Goal of RIAT+ tool is to maximize environmental benefits keeping fixed cost, or minimize costs while fixing environmental benefits. Both greenhouse gas emissions reduction and impact on health can be considered external costs.

Meeting held on April, 4th 2017 in Milan c/o TERRARIA. Participants: Giuseppe Maffeis, Salvatore Greco, Fabrizio Ferrari, Pietro Cerami, Daniele Rossi.

The project will develop a Sustainable Family Tutorial, available on the project website in the next months; the Tutorial will allow users to misure and monitor their consumptions and to select more critical environmental issues to tackle at first and will suggest tips and solutions to adopt.

Meeting held on January, 2016; participants: Pietro Cerami, Cinzia Rinzafri.