Life 13 Green Gas Network project started in 2014. Since then we carried on our daily commitment to a better environment. This section contains all the milestones that mark the steps of our project, from the beginning to the completion.

  1. June 2014: the kick-off meeting between the LIFE13 - Green Gas Network project partners (Pietro Fiorentini, Terranova, RetiPiù and Studio Promozioni) took place in Milan.  
  2. October 2014: official start of all the LIFE13 project at the Ministry of the Environment in Rome.
  3. December 2014: Retipiù officially presents the project to the public administrations of the municipalities involved: Albiate (MB) and Cesate (MB). The objectives of the project were shared in these locations.
  4. January 2015: Starting of the installations of Pietro Fiorentini's "Explorer DL" Data Loggers on the network critical points. Target: to have an immediate feedback on critical issues of the network pressure.
  5. March 2015: TSG software, developed by Terranova and installed at Retipiù, begins to interface with the Data Loggers installed on the network, receiving the pressure data.
  6. October 2015: After the installation of the Data Loggers, installation of Pietro Fiorentini FIO 2.0 devices has started on PRMS and substations, aiming to monitor and control the distribution pressures.
  7. January 2016: Explorer DL data loggers are replaced with the most modern Mini DL devices, in order to guarantee a better interaction level with TSG software.
  8. January 2016: new features for pressure control are released on TSG with the interaction with FIO 2.0 devices.
  9. March 2016: the installation of the FIO 2.0 devices on the network being tested ends, actually starting the possibility of controlling the network remotely. 
  10. April 2016: After the completion of the installations of the FIO 2.0 devices the remote network pressure control operations begin, exploiting the interaction between TSG and devices themselves.
  11. July 2016: In order to guarantee the energy supply to the field devices, solar panels are installed to power the FIO 2.0 that can not be reached by an electric line.
  12. November 2016: The LIFE13 project was presented at the KeyEnergy in Rimini, Italy (15-17 November), with dedicated installations at the Pietro Fiorentini - Terranova booth
  13. November 2016: The LIFE13 project was presented at the European Utility Week in Barcelona (8-11 November), with dedicated installations at the Pietro Fiorentini booth
  14. May 2017: The LIFE13 project was presented at thInternational Gas Professional Meeting in Opatja, Croatia (3-5 May), with dedicated installations at the Pietro Fiorentini booth 
  15. September 2017: the first microturbine prototype has been installed and put to work on one of the Albiate PRMS. The goal is to make the FIO device energetically independent.
  16. 26 September 2017: The event to present the final results of the LIFE Green Gas Network project is held, in the presence of the President of the Italian Gas Committee and of the officials of the Ministry of Economic Development