Explorer Mini-DL Data Logger

Explorer Mini-DL is the new remote control device by Pietro Fiorentini, suited for final reduction groups and network endpoints.


  • Easy Installation: external sensors make installation easy and fast saving time and money, and the integrated modem allows the installation of a single device directly ATEX hazardous area.
  • Reduced Maintenance: longer battery life and battery replacement optimization make maintenance activities less frequent and shorter.
  • High reliability: as a proof of high reliability obtained, Explorer Mini-DL guarantees a battery lifetime of 5 years (extensible to 8 years by means of a double battery pack)



  • GPRS/GSM/SMS integrated modem with automatic selection
  • Digital metering sensors
  • Twin processor design
  • Long battery life
  • Designed for rough environment
  • Easy maintenance
  • UV exposure Protection
  • Traditional SIM card or SIM on Chip
  • IP65 protection, shielded electronics even during maintenance operations